Music for the theatre!

Third WitchHello, everyone! It's been a while since my last post! It was really a long summer! and I was quite busy writing music and songs for a new theatrical play by Panagiotis Mentis called "Mac-Beth's HOUSE"

Here's a…

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Summer is here!! Taking the music to the beach!


Practice makes perfect!

Yes but…ever worry getting sore hands after guitar practice? I know I do, especially after practicing on acoustic guitar, I try to take long break in between, so this Sunday morning I was fooling around taking some fun photos!

More Pics!

                                             Good fun times!

From Friday's Show!! Amazing night!

                                              With Babis Kavalieros, Theodore Souris, Giorgos Kaskatis, Vangelis Korakas, Nikos Tsachtsiris!