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 "You may not have heard of her yet, but with a multi-talented, multi-lingual repertoire, chances are she will burst on to the world stage soon"  European Weekly

Kalliopi is a pop-rock singer/songwriter from Greece. A classically trained actress and singer, working in the theatre for many years, who followed a new path in life and got into the world of 'rock'.
Songs that bring rocking power and pop sensibility together, adding pop flavour to a punky vibe, while blending in raw sounding guitars. Her sound has been described as reminiscent of some of Cranberries work, U2, as a 'mixture of Madonna meets the band Garbage' or 'Blondie meets Pink'.
“Love on the Streets” is her latest release, recorded together with “Naked” and “Another Chance” in Athens at VOX Studio by Aris Binis and Theodore Darmas. With Spyros Kontakis on guitars, Alkis Misirlis on the drums and Barry Zealy on bass and backing vocals, she felt extremely lucky to have some of the best musicians to work with. The mixing was done by the Alex Newport in New York and the mastering by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NY.


Latest Music

“Love on the Streets” 

“Love on the Streets” - NEW SINGLE - OUT NOW!

“Naked” - 

“Naked” - LISTEN HERE ⇧

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