Impressive voice, very impressive delivery and a very impressive way of tying influences together in a very 'now' sensible way. Tasty stuff from a young lady positively oozing with charismatic charm and dripping with potential! ”

— Toxic Pete

Kalliopi is a pop-rock singer/songwriter from Greece. 
A classically trained actress and singer, working in the theatre for many years, who followed a new path in life and got into the world of 'rock'.  Rocking vibes and powerful vocals make a sound reminiscent of “The Cranberries” work, Blondie meets Pink or Madonna meets the band “Garbage”.
She has released her album AROUND THE WORLD with 11 tracks ranging from uptempo rockers to melodic ballads.


I like the tone of Kalliopi's voice - it has unusual quality. Also like the raw sounding guitars on the tracks and I think the poppy edge could mean that it has the potential for mainstream success. ” - Fran Smith

— Shock Radio

With a voice that recalls some of the best female talent of the 1990s (from one song to the next she can sound like Gwen [Stefani], Shirley [Manson], or Sheryl [Crow]), she fills a noticeable gap in today’s music scene: that of women singer-songwriters who sound like women, not girls.” - Alex Young

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    Naked 3:15
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